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I should be working on the house. Not blogging.


I started this blog for two reasons:

* So that my friends, family and interesting people could follow the progress of my venture and,

* (mainly) That I could post pictures of our progress and that would spur me on and excite me: “wow, last weekend this was only this far, and now this is here and…”

blah blah fishpaste…

It seems I have more pictures than progress at the moment.

Fascia boards and fencing, batroom set and batteries, piping and plug boxes, a stupidly long list of things we need and the lack of these things hold everything up.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!

I should be cobbing tonight…

Tomorrow I’ll be professional

Slow, Broke March. Chin up!

Jeez. We thought January and February were tight… March is watertight.

But we are making progress, albeit slow.

Widson has been putting in some extra time for us, cobbing the exterior and filling in some more sections with fencing and wattle.

Here are some pics of our progress as of beginning of March 2014.

I have also started experimenting with final cob plaster layers in the main bedroom, using a 25%red clay 25% horse manure ( yes, I shall build with poo!) and 50% fine sand mix.

Horse manure is a perfect substitute for finely chopped straw as it contains superfine grass for binding and some enzymes that aid in giving a smooth and easily applied, flexible when wet, plaster. If that makes sense.

Basically, it is just perfect!

It only has a feint odour when wet and by the time has half dried and set, there is no sign that you’ve been mucking about!

Anyway, here are some photos…

Note the kid’s handprints, I love it it, this is now turning into a home!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Cob Master, aka, Widson


What’s that?


I used to have some of that…

On the upside, building like this doesn’t cost much, but it does take time. Unfortunately because I work full time and we have kids, time is also a resource that is in short supply.Enter Captain Cob. 

Widson is our Cob Master and make it work man. He is a Malawian national new to this strange way of building but, man, he learns quickly and works hard!

He has been helping me for the last 5 months or so and has been instrumental in the shaping (pun intended) of the house.