Keep on pushing and we’ll get through…

"Ballet with me daddy in the klobb house..."
“Ballet with me daddy in the klobb house…”

Building a cob house yourself is not for the faint hearted.
You have to sacrifice and struggle, heave and sweat.

It is said that the three toughest challenges to face in modern life is, in no particular order:
Moving house
Having kids
Changing jobs.

Our perspective:
Building an Offgrid house from scratch, practically alone
Having 3 kids of young ages
Working full time in the week, full time on the house on the weekend and now also changing jobs.

Therefore, I dedicate this script to my wife, Anel.
Babe, it’s been a long, tough and rocky road where we’ve struggled with and against each other, torn into each other in frustration, run away from each other in anger, cursed each other for the curse of this dream.

And here we are today.

Almost there babe, almost there…

Thank you for you. Thank you for it all

We have learnt more in these few years about tenacity, grit and not giving up than most will ever learn in a lifetime.

The seed seeks the sun and must work hard and long to break through the heavy earth above it. Keep on pushing, it will feel the warmth of the sun. Keep on pushing.

Babe, I feel the warmth, we are close.

I love you.


5 thoughts on “Keep on pushing and we’ll get through…

  1. Ah Ryan and Anèl, your sacrifice and tenacity have left me both breathless and in awe. As I always say: “How does one eat a whole elephant? One bite at a time!” And this is one BIG elephant. But you guys have persevered and the end is in sight! Praat van sakke sout, Eish, julle het al honderde opgeët.:-)

  2. why did you have little help building your home did your wife help did she pass away or just relationship struggles i came across your site but have not read all your blogs im curious im your story of your life i dont watch tv too i hate it anyhow what happen too your partner?

    1. Hi Chase, as mentioned, we have 3 small kids, so that responsibility of looking after them will I was working fell on her shoulders! Not an easy job either! Thanks for the interest, blessings

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